I want to establish a good writing routine. I used to write every day – I used to get testy if I didn’t, actually. Failing to siphon off the creative impulses had the same symptoms as failing to top up my caffeine levels. Crankiness and a lot of twitching in the finger regions.

And then I got out of the habit. I went from a stressful job with long hours to having a baby and I tell you what, the little monkeys really do completely destroy any previous routine. I got more writing done starting work at 7:30 every morning than I have been with a little girl who usually sleeps until eight. And that’s because the *routine* is gone, I think. I don’t get up at the same time every day. I don’t spend 80 minutes on the train every day, which was prime creative time. I don’t eat or have coffee regularly either, and that’s probably not helping.

She’s nearly three. It’s time to stop using her as an excuse to not have a routine. So I’m going to start setting an alarm, and actually getting up. If I get up at six, I will usually have at least two hours before anyone else is up and demanding attention. During that time I will do the following:

1. Write blog every day.

2. Either write original work or edit same for at least an hour every day.

3. Answer blog comments ( a lower priority, since I can do them more easily than anything else, but they will get done during the day)

Of course, now that I’ve committed to this, she’ll keep me up until 3 am.  And I’ll have to get up and do it anyway because otherwise people will see the time-stamp and KNOW I FAILED. (Public shaming is an excellent motivator)

Wish me luck.



3 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. Personally I have difficulty finding even 20 mins a week in which to write, and every minute I spend writing is a minute when I’m neglecting some other urgent task. But that’s partly because I don’t have a car, so that for example a trip to the shops takes four or five hours and to the vet, three hours.

    • I don’t know how you get it all done, I really don’t! We don’t have a car either, but we’re only a few minutes from a train station, so getting to the shops only takes about half an hour – and the pram holds nearly a whole week’s worth of shopping, even with the kid in it. And you have all the rats and the vet visits and everything as well.

  2. Good luck! I don’t know what I’d do without my routine, and it is nailed in by my work. For me, it’s got to the point where if I work from home (which is awesome for many reasons), I wind up losing my daily writing time. That can put me behind. It’s almost worth riding the train just to get my writing done!

    Fingers crossed, the munchkin lets you have those two hours to yourself. Make the most of it! 😀

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