Yes, this exactly.

Dare To Be Great?

I found that picture on stumbleupon, and looked up the quote, apparently it’s from Pushing Daisies, a TV show I’ve never seen.  It does however, explain my great love of books and reading.  I’ve been reading since before I started school, first all the kid books, of course, “Go Dog Go” was my favorite, then moving onward.  My dad had a great collection of 80’s fantasy novels, which I stole, and devoured.  They were so much more interesting than my mom’s mystery novels (plus, serial killers are scary to read about when you’re 12, fiction or not), and have been firmly cemented as my favorite genre for over a decade.  I used to read ALL THE TIME, class breaks, recess, at home, on weekends, in the car, staying up late with a flashlight so my mom didn’t yell at me, on the beach, whenever, wherever.  I did a lot of…

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