Universal Writing Advice

There’s supposed to be no such thing as one-size-fits all writing advice that applies to everyone. Challenge accepted!

1: Make words

It doesn’t matter if your make your words with a keyboard, or a pen, or a pencil, or a chisel on stone tablets. MAKE WORDS.

2: Back up words.

Save your files onto an external drive, or use cloud storage, or make photocopies and store them in a tin box, whatever, but save your words! Don’t let a virus or computer theft or a fire destroy your words!

3: Read New Words

Reading things stimulates your word creation! Read new stories, learn new words, and incorporate them into your own words. More words is always good. But make sure you know your new words thoroughly before using them!

4: Make More Words

Always keep making more words. Keep practicing, keep refining, and keep wording.

Obviously there’s more to it. But start with making words, and you’ll get there.

There. And they said it couldn’t be done.



4 thoughts on “Universal Writing Advice

  1. I was just now thinking about the journalist Julie Burchill, who learned the word “orchidaceous” and then spent years referring to Princess Diana as “the orchidaceous one”, without ever apparently discovering that “orchidaceous” means “resembling a testicle”.

    • Oh dear. Yes, it’s so, so important to know what words really mean! I saw a comic panel the other day in which someone was talking about ‘diffusing’ a bomb.

      No. Just… no.

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