Getting Too Comfortable

Oh, God, I forgot to post again. I’m sorry, guys! I really am! I mean, I had a lot to do, with the stuff and the things and the kid falling down the stairs and possibly breaking her nose and needing to be rushed to the doctor (she’s fine, just a nasty bruise, but yesterday was not a good day), so as excuses went I had a decent one, but I’m still sorry. I don’t want anyone looking and finding no post! What if they get mad? What if they unfollow me? Don’t leave! I can be more interesting!

Ahem. Sorry.

Anyway, I’ve forgotten to post a few times lately. In part I think it’s because I’ve just been crazy busy, having to deal with lots of bills and stupid grown-up stuff. But more, I think, it’s because I’m starting to get used to having this blog.  I don’t spend all afternoon worrying about what to write the next morning, and as I believe I may have mentioned once or twice, I have a truly shocking memory. So once I don’t have apprehension acting as a constant reminder, I get comfortable and immediately start forgetting stuff. I’m the same way with vitamins. I buy them. I remember to take them for a few weeks because I worry about forgetting. The second I get complacent about remembering, bam. Six months later I find the bottle and think ‘oh, yeah, vitamins!’ and the cycle starts anew.

Speaking of which, I think I have some vitamins in the fridge, and I haven’t taken any in a while… and my mouth is starting to hurt…

Okay, I’m back and envitaminated. And in case you didn’t know this useful thing, if you get sore and sensitive gums and chocolate suddenly starts to sting your tongue, especially when you’re stressed? It’s a sign of zinc deficiency, something you tend to burn through faster under stress. Take a couple of zinc tablets for two-three days and it’ll go away.

Now, I am off to sort out passport paperwork and visit the physiotherapist to get a letter outlining my history with the practice and other annoying grown-up activities.


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