Human Volume and Torture

I don’t mean human volume in terms of loudness, but in size. The amount of me that fits into my skin. Which is slightly more than fits into an economy airplane seat.

Wide hips and economy seating don’t go together. And I don’t know how big guys get into those things, since I’m only moderately broad-shouldered for a woman and even I just about filled the seat. But the biggest problem for me was the legs. I have long legs, and the space I had to put legs in was about three inches shorter than the legs I was putting into it. Never underestimate the amount of pain you can cause by putting someone into a space just a bit too small for them – fourteen hours of even the gentlest pressure against your knees can turn excruciating. Not being able to move and flex makes your whole body hurt. And that’s after fourteen hours in a relatively comfortable padded seat with food being brought to me. I think it’s safe to assume that those little cages they used to put prisoners in are more painful yet.

I’m still very tired and a bit punchy, so that’s about all the coherence I can manage right now.



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