Apologies for the lack of posts

Not only have we been busy with holiday stuff – and my routine is completely out, something I’ll go into more detail on tomorrow – but shortly after we left Australia our cat, who was with a sitter, managed to break out of a window and escape. As those of you with pets can imagine, I’m feeling hideously guilty for leaving her even though I made sure she’d be taken care of and escaping was entirely her own doing. So writing has been hard.

Three and a half years ago, we had three cats. Kenny, who was twelve years old, had to be put down before the ninja was born due to increasingly severe health problems. Max, who was only six, was found dead in our neighbour’s yard last year – we think from his injuries that he had been hit by a car and dragged himself into the nearest yard. Molly was the only one we had left, and now she’s gone as well. We will miss her very much.


5 thoughts on “Apologies for the lack of posts

  1. Aw that’s so sad! Our cat has nerve problems in her lower body (well she’s horizontal so I suppose her rear) and has to have a special type of subscription cat biscuits so that she can not pee and poo all over our floor. Every so often her health plays up and there are talks of putting her down but the thought of that is horrible. Curiously, being less nimble and lively she has become a much friendlier cat!

  2. You’re bound to worry, but try not to panic – she’s probably just moved in with a neighbour for a few weeks and will return home once her humans are back in place. Cats have whole complex other lives and relationships going on that we don’t know about.

    • Maybe if she’d just run away from our place – but she’d been taken halfway across town to stay with a friend, and I really doubt she can find her way back across all those busy roads. I kind of hope she doesn’t try, given how likely she would be to get hit by a car.

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