New Desk!

I have a new desk!

I went out yesterday to buy a new mattress for the ninja’s new Big Girl Bed (she’s three, and loves getting into grownup beds, so the cot is being retired) and bought myself a new desk as well. It’s much wider than the old one, with drawers for putting important things in, and a little socket for putting the hard drive into, and it doesn’t have a hutch like the old one so it will be much less cluttered.

See how pretty it is?

See how pretty it is?

This was a big step for me. Losing my little shelves and all my clutter will be hard, and I hate change.

But being reasonable about it… I don’t *need* any of this stuff. All these CDs have been ripped to mp3 and are safely stowed away in my computer and backups. I don’t need fifteen-year-old game disks or the belt to a cardigan I lost years ago or extra cords that I don’t even know what they’re for or the old remote for the DVD player that broke or the sleeve I always forget to put my tablet into and holy crap there’s a lot of stuff up here.

All the things in my desk that I actually need – my tax information, my address book, my current games and so on, will fit perfectly well in the drawers of the new desk. And my working area will actually be clear and useable for the first time in a long time.

I think this is a good thing. I think this is progress.

And honestly, the pain of change is greatly eased by the fact that I got $80 knocked off the desk because it was a scuffed floor model. I don’t care if it’s scuffed. A white desk is going to stay pristine about eight seconds in this house. It will get its first baptismal coffee ring within the first 48 hours, I know this to be the case. So who cares if it’s scuffed, it was cheap!


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